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Virtuální prohlídka


Spustili jsme pro Vás virtuální prohlídku našeho sklípku. Zobrazíte ji kliknutím v menu na stránku virtuální prohlídka.

Wine cellar

Come and visit our AB wine cellar (AB vinný sklípek) where we will pamper you till the dawn, we’ll prepare starters, grilled steaks or roast piglet for you and we will provide you with dulcimer music or accommodation. You can find us 20 km from Mikulov.

Welcome to the website of our wine cellar. We are situated in the village of Bořetice, in Kravihorská svobodná republika (The independent republic of Kraví hora), in the top row, right in the middle. We offer a wide range of prices, adapted to your finances and possibilities. We offer wine tasting according to your possibilities, but also a party till the morning. The accommodation is possible for four people and more, the overall capacity is 100 people. Our wine cellar is just ideal for diverse events, private or company ones, for instance meetings, weddings, graduations, birthdays. Our speciality is the organizing of the genuine Moravian pig-slaughter right in front of the cellar. We always adapt to you and your financial possibilities. We will adapt to your entertainment without time or any other limits, even till the morning hours.

The cellar visit

The cellar visit goes as follows: after the arrival to the cellar we will offer you starters, that is crackling spread, bread with home-made smoked meat and bread with lard, baked onion and goose liver. We’ll also grill dinner for you, succulent chicken and pork steaks, wine sausages prepared at the outdoor grill at any time of the year, served with salads and bread. After an agreement in advance we can also prepare a different dinner, for example vegetarian one. In case of a special wish for it, we are able to prepare duck, roasted pork’s knee, „flamendr“ and other meals. After dinner we offer our home-made nut brandy for better digestion and then our cellarman will invite you for the best part of the visit – the tasting of great wines, predicated wines which have received prices in the Czech republic and also abroad. The tasting is done in authentic environment, right at the barrels. It takes around an hour and you will taste about ten samples of wine. In case of your interest there is the possibility of tasting of home-made spirits at the bar. Afterwards a rich banquet comes made mostly of our Moravian specialities to have during the whole evening. The wine for unlimited consumption is barrel one, mostly predicate one. Everything can be adapted to your requests.

Tasting of wine

If you only choose tasting of wine, for example before buying some, the programme is limited to 1 hour and we pour approximately 10 types of wine, bread and cheese to eat with.

The visit of the wine cellar with unlimited consumption

Roast piglet

Furthermore we can prepare a roast piglet for you. The pig is being turned and roasted right in front of you and is being cut off during the whole evening. The pergola, where the pig is being prepared is under a roof and heated in winter.

Wine decathlon

We can entertain you and your guests – for example business partners, employees etc. - by so called “wine decathlon”. The guests are divided into teams which go from cellars to vineyards and on their way fulfil diverse tasks, typical for a wine grower job. With every task they recognise types of wine and everything is valued by corks and who brings the highest number of corks wins prices. The most estimated discipline is the crossing of the dunghill barefooted. Everyone has gone through unforgettable experience during the decathlon, everyone has survived and nobody has got lost.


However, the most difficult discipline in life is a wedding and that can be also spent in an original environment – in a wine cellar. The president of The independent republic of Kraví hora can wed you, the men ensemble “Svodničan” will sing, we’ll prepare cakes, traditional wedding pies, photographer, flower decoration, wedding bouquet, the music of course and possibly fireworks and other stuff connected with a wedding.

Additional programme

An additional programme can be organized specially for you. Our surroundings provide for example shooting at asphalt pigeons, four-wheeler or buggy rides, flight in a balloon or a plane over Bořetice (there is an airport 500m from the cellar), bike renting, reservation of entrance tickets to castles and other sights (Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, the Mikulčice Venus,...), sport tournament organization – football pitch, 3 tennis courts or bus transport arrangement and so on. Not far away there is a swimming pool, bobsleigh track, minigolf and paintball pitch.


Andrej a Bohdana Pazderkovi

Kravihorská svobodná republika
691 08 Bořetice u Hustopečí


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